Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hey, I won an award..

aww.. isn't that sweet.. :)

Robyn over at won an award and had to pass it on, and she picked me :)  (ok is it silly that I'm smiling so much?)   the rules are that I have to revel seven facts about me and pass it on.

I'm glad to have something else to post about so that the rant from the last post isn't stuck on top.  it bugs me that I'm so bothered by all this.

Seven facts about me...

1) I am not a fan of my handwriting.  I tend to write like a man and not the flowery script that most women have.  But I do have the ability to write backwards.  Used to bug my friends in school when I would write them notes backwards.  They would have to either read it from the back side of the page or get a mirror.  I can write almost as fast backwards as I can forwards.

2) I am a natural redhead, but as I've gotten older I've gotten darker so I tend to lighten my hair.

3) I've been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue.  My hormones are "a mess" and I've also been diagnosed with food sensitives to some of my favorite foods in the world (thankfully not chocolate, but vanilla - which to find a chocolate bar with out vanilla in it is REALLY hard)  This all came about after I lost about 70lbs and with out changing a thing diet and exercise wise (no seriously) I started gaining weight.  I've put a little more then half of my lost weight back on and I'm frustrated a lot because of the food limitations and the weight gains.. I'm on so many supplements and pills that it is starting to get silly.  Because of all this I've started eating "real food" aka nothing processed, and have learned that vegetable oils are actually bad for us and saturated fat is actually good for us.  I've started cooking bone broth weekly and eating grass fed beef, coconut oil and kale.  While my co-workers call me virtuous, I personally find the whole thing freakingly annoying and I really wish I had a personal chef.

4) I have owned eleven cats in my life time.  I'm not counting the one that was there when I showed up in this world (George) but I do count Smokey because George died when I was in the second grade.  At an end of the year field trip we went to a milking barn and a mother cat had kittens.  My mom was a chaperone and I BEGGED her for a kitten, she said I could have one if I asked if they could be adopted.  I bet she didn't think I would because I was a VERY shy kid, ha ha ha.  I picked out one and mom rejected it because it was a girl, I picked a second, same thing.  Smokey was the only boy in the group, so he was the one.  He lived until a few years after I moved out of the house.  I did not take him with me as he was old and went outside and I moved to a place where that wasn't a good thing.  I did adopt shortly after that a kitty named Tigger (aka Tig) and then came Emerald (Em or Emmy) and that is where this blog started.  I currently have seven.  I have owned rabbits despite being allergic.  I would like to own more but I believe that Skippy is a carrier to bordatella which is fatal to rabbits.  I've also owned hamsters.  I've never wanted a dog.  I was afraid of them for years due to a dog bite while I was in diapers, and later I think they are just too much work.

5) I bought $300 sheets despite being incredibly frugal.  Often my entire outfit costs under $40 (including shoes), but I spend a third of my life in my bed, and I really enjoy it so I'm willing to spend to get quality.  I was looking for new flannel sheets that would be cuddly soft and ran across Cuddledown's cashmere and bamboo sheets.  cashmere... enough said.  They are the softest things ever..

6) despite shunning the sun since age 13 (see #2), I drive a convertible.  I'm currently in a 08 EOS.  It is a hardtop and such fun.

7) My father is in a medical journal somewhere.  about 13 years ago he had a really rare procedure that connected his spleen to his lung (yup, they cut through is diaphragm to do it) because his liver was blocked.  We came incredibly close to losing him as there were no options to help him because the blockage was causing veins in his esophagus to burst.  He went down to a teaching hospital in Boston and one of the rotations brought in the one guy who had done the surgery in the past and knew he could save my dad.  Through the blessings of God my dad is still with us today (and going to Hawaii later this month)

Well Robyn took some of my favorite blogs, so I'm going to award this to:
and while she is new to the blogging world, I can't resist


  1. Concats on the award! Those were *very* interesting things. Pretty amazing about your dad--we're glad he's still alive and well and obviously enjoying his life. :-)

    Thanks for including us in those you've passed the award on to! We'll see if we can get our lazy-butt human to participate. LOL.

  2. Congrats on the award. Those are some very interesting things to learn about you - and interesting thngs to learn in general actually!


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