Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jordan update

So I hadn't heard back from the shelter about spaying Jordan.  If they really think that she's ripping fur out because it is hormonal, then spaying her would really help that right? 

So I emailed yesterday and asked if they wanted me to drop her off that night to be spayed today.  I figured if I gave them a concrete solution they'd take me up on it.  The reply I got back was a bit Charlie Brown, you can bring her in, but I don't know if the vet will get to her (cause the new spay/neuter clinic is open now (YEA!!!) and the vet would be in doing surgery for people who signed up)

So when I got home from work I snagged her, put ointment in her eyes (she needs it because another vet determined she has herpies and needs it) and put her in a carrier.  She SCREAMED the whole way to the shelter (except when the car stopped at stop signs) she does not travel well at all.

When I got there, I talked to a shelter staff member and explained again what was going on with her.  Brought a clump of her hair (about 1/3 the amount of fur she rips off each day) that had some skin tags on it for the vet to see.  I noticed the cut above her eye was still quite noticeable - I had thought it was healing yesterday so she must have aggravated it again.  While I was looking at her, she started shaking.  Not really the shaking of nervous kitties, but almost like a micro tremor / seizure.  Not that it was, but I've seen nervous shaking and this really wasn't like that (yes, I know every cat is different.)  I opened her carrier to try to comfort her (since she is REALLY people dependent) and noticed a clump of fur missing behind her ear.  There is no way she can rip it off behind her ear.. and two red marks under her chin along with some missing fur.  I've had the passing through previously that she might have food allergies, but it came back again and as I was thinking it the staff member said it.  She wanted to put her on a hypoallergenic diet, which while I'm not a fan of them, I think putting her on it to see what happened wouldn't be a bad idea.  But then we have to put the kittens on it.. which they didn't think was a great idea.

So at this point, Jordan is at the shelter awaiting her turn with the vet.  The vet is either going to come up with a non food allergy reason why she's acting as she is and I'll go get her and bring her home with the babies and put her on what ever treatment they deem appropriate, or the vet is going to say, yes probably food allergies, and she will probably go into another foster home for a while. I don't like the idea of splitting up the family, but the kitlets are doing very well, they didn't even seem to notice Jordan wasn't around last night nor this morning.

I just hope they send her into a new foster home and not keep her at the shelter in a cage because that poor cat craves human attention..

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