Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Toesday with Nigel (with no toe shots)

well, it was starting to look bad for our precious little boy.  A whole week at the same weight, or maybe even a little less.  I remember weighing him and getting 1lb 8 oz... but for the past few days he's been at 1lb 7.5 oz.  There has been vomiting in the kitten room. I thought it was Lily because of the teeth grinding (which fortunately she hasn't been doing lately) but with Nigel not doing well (more in a bit) I came to believe it was him.

Last night when I went to visit the kittens Nigel was looking particularly unkempt.  Kittens who aren't feeling well just have an appearance about them.  I felt so badly.  There had been even more vomit.  Nigel, I'm assuming, vomited up while sitting in the laundry basket and again while sitting under the couch.  I put down some food, and he licked up the gravy and then proceeded to wash.  I gave him another dose of panacur, and I just felt completely uncomfortable with him.  *Something* was off, but I have no idea what.

So I sat and snuggled with him.  He kept burping or hiccuping.  I was so sure he was going to vomit all over me.  I patted him and he felt all boney and cold.  He purred and enjoyed the attention and he didn't ACT sick (not lethargic or apathetic).  After a few minutes I couldn't stand feeling his bones any more and I had to do something!!  But what.  I figured calories were important, so I went upstairs and made some KMR for him.  I brought it down with a syringe, and forced him to eat enough to fill his belly.  He was not impressed, but Lily certainly was and got all up in our face to get some.  She even resorted to cleaning up Nigel's face.

After I thought he was full (and his belly showed he was) I wrapped him up and snuggled him some more.  More burping/hiccuping/close to vomiting all over me moves, but he kept the food down.  I turned the heat up in the room since it has been chilly here.  The room is perfectly fine for man and beast, but I figured sick kitten wouldn't mind a little more warmth.  When he was done snuggling I put him on the bed I put right in front of the heater and he sat on the bed with his nose pressed up against the heater sniffing it (it is kitten safe)

While snuggling I tried a little Reki on him.  I'm certainly no expert.  I took one short group animal communication class.  During my personal session with the communicator I got her to talk to Ollie after he passed, and she was impressed with the energy I was able to give him as he was dying. So I guess I can do a little. I'd probably be able to do more if I actually knew what I was doing, but I got so emotional during the class I really didn't want to pursue it.  While trying to give Nigel energy, both Bug and Lily stopped playing and climbed up in my lap and even tried to get up on my chest between Nigel and me.  It isn't like they haven't climbed up on my lap before, but not while they were at full on play..  It really was a contrast how healthy and robust both Lily and Bug are to Nigel.

When I went down this morning he was 1lb 9.1 oz!!  so something worked.
More KMR please?
He was very interested in food, but once he saw what I put down he wasn't interested (Friskies Mixed Grill) so I opened up a can of Fancy Feast Chicken and he had some of that but not much, so I went up and made some more KMR for him and put it in a bowl for him.  As I left for work he was drinking from it.

And once I got to work, I saw a kitten pile on the couch.  Shortly after this pic, Lily went and joined Nigel and Bug, but that picture looks like a blob and not kittens..
So, did the energy work help?  who knows.  Panacur is probably more likely the answer and it just a little extra time to help him.. or maybe the KMR, or maybe all three...  Hopefully this is the start of leaps and bounds for our boy and he'll be off to his forever home soon!!

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  1. Purrs to Nigel...doesn't matter if it was you or the panacur or both - so long as he is eating and feeling a little better!!


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