Thursday, June 30, 2011


Bug was born on April 7th to a sweet kitty named Jordan.  Jordan had come into the shelter a month before and no one knew she was pregnant.  She came down with a cold and was vaccinated and medicated, and she still wasn’t feeling well so they sent her to a vet to find out what was wrong; which is when they found out she was pregnant so she went into foster care.   While she delivered three happy and healthy babies, she was unable to produce much milk and as a result her kittens were bottle fed. 

Bug is the most outgoing of the bunch, but in a wild and crazy sort of way.  She has little impulse control and is always on “GO!!”  She is quite mouthy, and while her “bites” generally are pretty gentle, she can get lost in her game and start to hurt.  She LOVES to play and will chase after feathered toys and balls.  She loves wrestling with her siblings, often starting things when they weren’t looking.  If Bug becomes an only kitten you will need to be aware she will entertain herself and most people consider that to be a “mischievous” kitty.   She will do best if you have some time to engage her in play every day.

Bug seems to have taken after her dad as she is the least like her mom in looks and attitude.  She is a playful little thing that enjoys eating and a good game of chase.  She is litter box trained and while dry food was always available she did not eat much of it, preferring canned food.

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  1. Farewell, sweet Bug! Don't tell your siblings, but you are my favorite. I'm sure you'll be easily trained to forgo the biteys and will be a constant source of happiness to some lucky family or person!


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