Friday, June 10, 2011


We had a lot of heat yesterday and it broke with a lot of thunder.  I sat in the sunroom and watched it roll in for a while but, since the sunroom is metal, I felt a little uncomfortable as it got closer (especially since Fleurp's tushie was planted against the metal wall) so I decided to go visit the kittens for a while.

I went downstairs and opened up the door to the kitten room and two little heads popped out from under the couch.  Nigel and Lily were NOT impressed with the thunder.  Bug was sitting in the laundry basket looking out the window enjoying the show.  I was a little sad I didn't have my camera. 

Shortly after I showed up the power went out and the rain buckets opened up and it got a little wild.  Nigel was very upset.  He wanted to be with me as he is very much a momma's boy, but he also wanted to sit under the couch which he apparently thought was safer.  I tried to comfort him, but he could only stand to be out from under the sofa for short periods of time.  Bug couldn't care less and was off attacking the broom.

Power didn't come on for a while, so we went out to the movies for dinner (we have a movie house that serves food during the movie) and saw Xmen.  When we got home we got some quite disgusted comments from the crew about the delay of THEIR dinner..


  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    You are actually safe in a metal room since the electrical charge from a lightening strike stays on the outside of the 'skin'. It's called the skin effect.

    Kind of like being in a car with an electrical cable draped over it. You are perfectly safe as long as you don't 'complete the circuit' by touching the car and the ground at the same time.

  2. that is true, but since Fleurp was laying up against the metal wall, I was a little concerned.
    Reported incidents and related injuries make it clear that a person inside a fully enclosed metal vehicle must not be touching metallic objects referenced to the outside of the car. Door and window handles, radio dials, CB microphones, gearshifts, steering wheels, and other inside-to-outside metal objects should be left alone during close-in lightning events.


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