Saturday, June 11, 2011

domestic tranquility

so I decided to work on some mending that needed to be done. I had a few things that needed mending and my husband bought a pair of dress pants that were way too long for him and he asked me to hem them probably a year ago.  I've never blind hemmed anything before, so I kept putting it off.  I wanted to get it off my to do list and figured I couldn't screw it up so badly that it couldn't be fixed, so I finally got to it.

I curled myself on the corner of the couch.  I was very careful with the needles and pins and thread because I have kitties who like to eat thread.  As I worked on the pants, my kitties came and sat all around me.  Jack was on the arm of the chair - a perfect place to plant kisses easily, Skippy sat behind me on the back of the couch, Muffin was on the floor presenting her belly and Eli walked through a few times squeaking at me - probably because I was messing up his plans to sleep on the cat tree I was sitting next to (he isn't a joiner).

My husband decided to cook a roast, so it was a warm cozy day, with warm cozy homey thoughts and feelings when a single line broke through it all and was just too funny..

"No, you can not have the WHOLE roast!!"

Apparently our little Fleurp was begging at my husband's feet.  I can just picture her grabbing the roast and chewing on it like the carnivore she is..

My kitties.. always good for a blog post


  1. But what if she really WANTED the whole roast? hee hee!

  2. Anonymous6:51 PM

    A kittie's life is so hard that she can never get what she wants so badly. Sigh.


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