Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big changes

well the older kittens actually went back to the shelter on Thursday and were neutered and put up for adoption.  I went in on Friday to see them and drop off their info cards (I do little write ups to tell of their personalities and quirks) and it turns out they had names I was never told about.  They were listed as Oscar, Leo and Suki.  I told the staff I had different names for them and I had write up card (like I always do) and I was told to just cross their names out.  I felt a little uncomfortable with that since volunteers had been told to never write on cage cards, and they had name bands on their necks with their old names, but I did what I was told.  Gave them all hugs and lovins.  Of course Crookshanks had a boat load to tell me about what was going on.  Hedwig was talkative too and Fawkes was content to sit there and play with his own tail.

I so hope they go home today.. would be so nice for them.  I used to go to the shelter for adoptions, but I had too many kittens adopted into homes I didn't think were right for them and there was nothing I could do about it but worry.  I know that homes that I don't think are ideal can be great homes, so I decided a while back just to trust in the greater good and send them off with out me.

So with out them in the kitten room, Minerva and her new kittens got to move out of the bathroom.  They loved it and caused major havoc right away.  I put food down for Minerva and left the room for a few minutes to do something else.  My husband was still in there after I left and when he came out I mentioned I should probably show the kittens what food is.  He mentioned that I didn't need to show it to Rory and Mickey... as they were eating quite well.

I went back in and introduced wet food to Donna, Rose and Amy.  Amy took right to it.  Rose was eating but she wasn't able to make the connection that the food on the floor was food.  Donna just wasn't ready for food and went back to Minerva.  After dinner time, Rory, Micky, and Amy were all covered in food.. think a child's first birthday eating cake and you would be right on of what they looked like.

The next morning they were in their box - which I thought was really sweet.  Again the boys have no problem eating.    I didn't have much time to deal with them, so I went off to work.  That night they were in the cat condo.  Well the white kittens were anyway.  Amy was off on the cat bed hogging it all for herself and looking freakingly adorable doing it.  Again the boys have no problem eating.  Amy needed to be reminded.  Rose did too.  Donna still wasn't interested. I sat with them for a while and Minerva was quite insistant that I gave her all the wrong food and would like more.  I told her if she nursed her kittens then I would give her something different.  So she went to the kitten box and let Donna nurse for a moment.  I saw and sent Rose towards the box (because she was cuddled up to my neck) and Rose went running and jumped in the box.  At which point Minerva jumped out and came to the couch where the bag of canned food is stored and started pawing at it (did I mention Minerva is scary smart??) I said No way Honey, nursing is more then two seconds.  After a few moments she turned around and went back to the box and laid down and let some of the kittens nurse for a few more minutes.  (no, I'm not making this up) and then came back to the bag and pawed at it again.  I couldn't help but laugh and I opened up another can for her - which she didn't approve of either.  she's so picky and I rarely pick out the right food at the right time - because what is acceptable one day is not the next.  She ate some of it and then went to have some water.  While she was drinking, Rose went to investigate and climbed up on the dry food....

and proceeded to pee on it!!!

I couldn't help but laugh so hard.  I use this argument all the time when trying to convince people that dry food really isn't acceptable to cats and they need to be taught to eat it.  Kittens will more often then not use it as litter the first time they see it if they don't have a mother that eats it.  Minerva does eat dry food, but apparently won't eat while they are around most likely because they want to nurse on her when she stands still for too long on the floor. 

I ran her to the litter box and plopped her in there and Minerva took one sniff of the food made a face and walked away. 

Amy has turned into a mini-Fleurp.  It's really cute.. but more on that in another post


  1. HA! I had never heard of kittend using kibble for litter. It makes sense! Mother Nature guides them to what is and isn't good for them.

  2. That is hilarious! Everybody's a food critic these days!

  3. Hi Connie, thanks for saying hello on my blog! That's so funny... I'm glad my two haven't done that to their kibble, it would make for a very expensive cat litter!! =^..^=

  4. Minerva is going to give the right family a run for their money. :)


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