Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No one ever told the bumblebee

Have you ever heard the little moral tale about how it is actual impossible for the bumblebee to fly according to physics, but since no one told the bumblebee that, it goes ahead and does it anyway?  It is a cute little story even if it isn't 100% true.

So in the 10 years I have been fostering, I have NEVER had a kitten who rejected wet food and would eat only dry.  Kittens innately gravitate towards the higher animal protein in canned food.  As you have seen in this blog very recently kittens tend to use dry food as litter and I have to teach them that it is actually food (unless I have a mother cat who eats it, then she teaches them)

Well Donna is the bumblebee of my life.  When they were in the weaning stage I would offer all of the kittens wet food, and one by one the light bulb went off over their heads and they LOVED wet food.  Not Donna. I figured she was just taking her time weaning.. well in the past few days I've come to realize she has weaned.. just on to dry,
nom nom nom
I tried offering her wet food, she spit it out.  *rolls eyes*  Apparently no one told Donna she is an obligate carnivore..

So I've taken up the dry for the night.  Donna won't starve, she still nurses off of Minerva.  I'm hoping she'll take to wet food, but if not, she'll just be a dry food kitty.  I know many kitties do just fine on dry food but I would just like her to have the option of eating canned in case she is one of those kitties, like Jack, who do medically better on canned.  But if not, I'll just start calling her Bumble..
You say that like it is a bad thing ~Donna
 I just love little Rose sitting in the background..


  1. I have a couple of cats that just don't seem interested in the wet food as they prefer the dry. The other cats go nuts when wet food is offer. I guess they are just like humans in that they have different tastes.

  2. we think that sometimes they need to be contrary to keep us on our toes!!!

  3. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Too funny! My cat Pippi thinks she is a vegetarian ;-) I can't leave tomatoes or bananas out on the counter because she will eat them!

  4. Derry would love to have only kibble. He'd be happy as a clam on dry only. But mean "mom" severely limits it, of course, because of the struvite crystals.

    It's whatever they spray the dry with, to give it flavour. Is she too young for a bit of FortiFlora (a tiny bit) on some canned, to tempt her? Just a thought. I'm using it with Derry now, as a "seasoning" to make sure he'll eat the canned. Of course, he'll end up hooked on the stuff....

  5. That is odd. She is such a darling.

  6. Donna, you're such a pretty pussycat! Me, I prefer canned food, but mummy says I got to watch the weight, so have to eat biscuits most of the time. Rio from Barcelona


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