Friday, October 7, 2011

Flaily Friday

I just loved the word flaily, that when I saw these picts I knew just what to call the post I'd put them in.

Hedwig was so scared of the feathers for so long.  I kept trying to get her to play with them but Crookshanks and Fawkes would run right over to nab it and she would back off.  I finally got her to figure out how much fun feathers are, and there is no stopping her now.
Fawkes tends to hang out in the cube when she starts getting agressive.  Notice you can see her tabby swirls.
When  is it my turn?
Never, never works for me, how about you?


  1. Love those pics! You go, Hedwig! Yep, we see there's no stopping her now that she has the hang of the fevvers!

  2. Aw, I'd never met a kitty who was scared of feathers! Chasing them is the best way to train for actual bird hunting, ya know! I'm glad you're into them now, Hedwig!

  3. Too cute. We used a similar toy to "tame" the wild kittens this summer.....they LOVED it!!! Have fun this weekend kittens....


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