Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Boy or Girl?

My last Boy or Girl? post got so many hits from people trying to figure out the gender of their kittens that I thought I'd try to do a compairison.  Clicking will make the images larger.
 I am 99% accurate sexing kittens the day they are born.  The way I determine it is if there is fur between the two openings.  If there is fur it is a boy.  no fur it is a girl.  Unfortunately this "girl" shot is a little washed out so you can't tell that her white fur isn't growing between her anus and her vaginal opening.  You can however see how much closer it is.  Again, when they are newborn there is very little difference in how far away the two openings are, but as they get older it is easier.

Boys will also develop a scrotum.  Testicles often do not 'descend" until they are a few months old, but often you'll see two little "bumps" on top of the penile opening.  I've had a few "REAL MEN" who had quite prominent sacks.  These tend to disappear after neutering.  The penis itself is inside the penile opening and comes out when they pee, when they groom, and when they have sex.

If you didn't know, the feline penis develops barbs with the introduction of testosterone.  Once they are neutered those also go away.
boy bits on a black kitten.
You see the anus, the place where testicles will develop
then the opening for the penis.

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  1. We kind of think it's funny when occasionally even vets mix up the genders of neutered males and females. It happened recently to Ginger (Cory Cat Blog), who, it turns out, is a boy, and it happened to the friend of the mom's, with one her previous cats. Everyone, vet included, thought he was a girl for many years! ;-P


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