Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It begins..

Well apparently the "terrible twos" have descended upon the "Whovians" (since I named the kittens after Doctor Who characters, this seems an appropriate name) Either that or they have decided to become disciples of the Basement Cat and are working on killing me with cuteness..

For the past few days they have been in the "nest" when I walk in the room.  Some of them would jump out and play when I was around.  Minerva wasn't all that happy about that, but since I was there to feed her and she is always hungry she didn't let it distract her.  Last night when I went in there they were ALL out and Micky was on top of the carrier!!! He was trying to figure out how to get down, which was way too funny (well to me anyway) and I put him on the ground and moved the towel I put up there for Minerva to lay on so it wasn't hanging down any more.  They were mewing and being freakingly adorable.  Amy hugged my ankle the entire time I was in there and I needed to call my husband for back up to get out of the room.

Amy has turned into a mini Fleurp.  It is KILLING me she is so freakingly adorable..

This morning it was bedlam.  First thing I saw was a wonderful sight.. one of the kittens pooped in the litter box!!!!  We have had two "accidents" of young kittens with full colons, but now we have evidence they know what they are doing in that department which is great.  I bet it was Amy, but Rory was also parading through the boxes moments after I walked in the room, so it could have been anybody.  Another moment later I had both of my ankles covered in kittens. Amy was trying to figure out if it was worth it to climb up my leg (fortunately I had pants on).  It was almost impossible to walk over to the food was, and Minerva was not so politely urging me along to give her some food "d@mn it"... :)

When I got over to the food area, it was a MESS!!!  apparently the kittens are now walking through the food, so we have food debris all over the floor, and all over everything else that is anywhere near where kittens will walk with food on their paws until that food wears off..   *rolls eyes*  Unfortunately I didn't have any time to scrub the floor, and the kittens weren't even giving me enough peace to do a cursory cleaning, so I ended up plopping them in the bath tub so I was able to move about with out kittens attached to me.

I picked up what I could, fed Minerva up on the counter (ha ha ha kittens, would like to see you walk through that!!) (I hope Minerva doesn't push the bowl on to the floor) did a little rearranging, and all the while the kittens are complaining that there were ankles to hug and they weren't getting to do it..

When I was done with the room, I rescued them from their prison, and RAN for the door.. Unfortunately they were able to keep up with me, and one or two almost got out with me..


I so need to get them into the kitten room asap.. Hopefully we can get the older kits back to the shelter for adoption right quick..


  1. We laugh cause we have seen mom do this dance before...amazing how beings that tiny can move that fast. :)

  2. You must be a very busy lady. You are doing such a worthwhile thing though.

    Your Wordless Wednesday photo is precious.

    Thanks again for your emails
    I sent you one today.


  3. We were laughing imagining it all! :-)

    Re: the Cosequin, we see that on it sells for $30 (presumably Canadian), plus shipping, and comes from California. Not sure if there would be duty charges, so it might be just as cost-effective to get it from the vet here, or have a hunt for a Canadian seller.

  4. That qualifies as a "never a dull moment" moment!

  5. Oh yes, just you wait. It will get to be even more fun. Little kittens do get into everything and make a mess. I made the mistake of leaving a roll of toilet paper in the room with four of the kittens that I had a couple of years ago and when I came back the whole roll was shredded. But they are so cute and so much darn fun.

  6. I find this all so interesting and wonder what the age is of the kittens? Did you start giving them solid food at 4 or 5 weeks? I'm just about to start soon. Deb

  7. My first cat was preggers when I found her, and this brings back fond memories of her litter! Thanks for making me smile.


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