Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When a negative is a good thing.

Brought the kittens in to the shelter to be tested for FeLV/FIV.  They only tested one, and I had them test Donna since she is such a contrary one.  She's... well lets just say she's a little different.. and I was a little concerned, but she came up negative. 


It is always a risk when you take in orphaned kittens, and fortunately this time it came out OK.

as a reward I gave them some raw food.  Rory and Donna (big surprise) weren't all that interested.  Since they hadn't gotten breakfast I was hoping they would all dig right in.  None of them were excessively thrilled over it, which is surprising. Often when I give them raw food for the first time kittens get all growly and possessive.   Maybe I waited too long, and their pallet is closing down..  *shrug*  it was pretty obvious that I waited too long to take them out of the house.  they were all quite freaked out being in the car.  I'm going to have to take them out again soon.

So now I can relax a little and just concentrate on getting some weight on them.  They are a pound and a half at this point, so I'm thinking two more weeks.  Minerva is going to be posted on the shelter's website in hopes of getting her a home sooner rather then later.  I am assuming she won't do as well in the shelter environment because of how she reacts when she doesn't get her own way.  Fingers crossed that someone is out there just waiting for her tortitude self to show up.


  1. I'm crossing my paws and sending Tortie purrs to Minerva. "Wanted, one human who likes a challenge." Mum says I'm a handful sometimes, but I prefer to think of it as being a bit unique. That's my story, anyway!

  2. hoping Minerva finds some nice humans. purrs, Rio from Barcelona


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