Monday, October 31, 2011


yea! Minerva is up on the shelter website.  Hopefully someone will be interested in her right quick.  They put her on the front page too, *fingers crossed*

This is what they wrote for her:

Minerva came to the AWS with her newborn family of three kittens. She did a such wonderful job raising them that when 5 orphans came to the shelter a couple of months later her foster Mom, Connie, offered to put them with her to see if she would care for them.  She did and since then all of her 8 children and step-children have been adopted.  Now it’s Minerva’s turn to find a home.   She has a ton of personality and is very smart!  Believe it or not, Minerva knows the commands: "up", "sit", and “lay down”. She LOVES to play, particularly enjoying flying through the air after bird feathers on a string.  She will throw herself after them with abandon, not much caring where she lands. Minerva is a chatty, loving girl who loves attention, specifically chin rubs and head bumps.  If she had a nickname it would be Queenie because she is convinced that she’s royalty and that the humans she lives with are her loyal subjects.  If you would like to meet Minerva, please call (edit) to set up an appointment for you!

This is what I wrote.  It was edited because they didn't want to highlight her less then desirable traits.  I'm right there with them, but I really believe Minerva needs to come with some warning..

Minerva came to AWS with her newborn family of three kittens. She went into three different foster homes. The first two were a little too loud and busy for her, being a new mom and all, so she went into the third with the forewarning she was high strung. And she was. She was very protective of her kittens, and being a young cat herself, she didn't know the proper way to communicate with humans. She didn't quite
understand why biting and swatting brings about such extreme responses
in the humans. Her third foster home was able to work with her and
tried to teach her a few tricks, hoping that better communication would
help foster a better relationship. Minerva is VERY smart. She learned
"up" "sit" and "down" right away. A few days later she learned "lay
down". Some days she is willing to work and train, but other days she
is not. Minerva also is a talker, to the point it is believed there is
some Siamese in her back ground. Being a Tortoiseshell cat, she has
what is affectionately called "tortitude", Tortoiseshell cats tend to be
strong-willed, a bit hot-tempered, and they can be very possessive of
their human. Other words used to describe torties are fiercely
independent, feisty and unpredictable

Combined with her under socalizaton as a young cat, the hormones running
through a mother cat with kittens, and the fierce intelligence she has,
Minerva needs a special home who understands "tortitude" While she has
never hurt anyone, she does have a tenancy to swipe at and mouth at you
if she is not getting her way.

Minerva is one special kitty. She is quite loving, well she wants you
to love on her, demanding chin rubs and head bumps. She really enjoys
being the queen and ruler of her world. She LOVES to play, particularly
enjoying flying through the air after some bird feathers on a string.
She throws herself after it with abandon, not much caring where she
lands. She did a wonderful job raising her own three kittens, being
very protective of them from the other cats in the house at the time,
but she took on five orphans who came in after their mother was killed.
After taking on the new kittens, Minerva was interested in the cats on
the other side of the door - presumably wondering where the new kitten's
mother was.

She is ready to put motherhood behind her and move into a home who will
accept her as the royalty she believes she is.

Well that's OK, because she won't go into a home with out the people spending some time with her.  Besides, by the time she finds a home she probably will have calmed down even more.  She hasn't "had issue" with me for almost two weeks now.  :)


  1. It's a good write-up, and yes, I can see why they'd not want to add anything potentially viewed as negative. But if they don't want a return, they need to screen their potential adopter(s) closely, IMO. (Shelters here don't do that for cats, as far as I know. I've never been questioned, only filled out the standard adoption questions. No one's chatted to me about my suitability.)

    Anyway, GOOD LUCK to Minerva! We hope she finds a wonderful forever home!

  2. I agree - it can be so hard to do write ups for cats like want full disclosure without scaring people off. Hopefully the adoption people will have enough information to be able to screen people....


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