Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Jack is in isolation

Jack has now been confined for two days. He's breaking my heart sitting down there and crying and howling to get attention. The vet recommends he stay down there for a week while everyone else builds up their antibodies. I don't know if I can last that long. Every time I go down there he's dying for attention. totally hurts to leave.

Was able to get into the local clinic yesterday. Everyone is now protected. they will get their booster when they go back for their retest in five weeks. Do you have any idea how hard it is to transport four kitties to the vet? almost as painful as it was to transport five.. lol. I've decided I'm never going back to my old vet, in fact I'm going to write a nice little letter to the state vet association letting them know what happened. Technically I believe they are responsible for jack becoming positive for leukemia. I told them I was fostering kitties for the shelter. I assumed that he had been vaccinated for it. I suppose I should have been a bit more cautious in it, but they should have at least mentioned it.. which they didn't.

Muffin got herself locked out on the sun porch a little while ago. I heard her scraping at the door so I let her in. She followed me back to the chair and crawled up into my lap and got all purry and cuddly. She really is a very cute kitty. Not only in appearance, but also in attitude. Granted, she's got a stubborn streak a mile and a half wide.. but she just raises the bar for cuteness to almost unobtainable levels. and I can say this even after having fostered 100 kittens in the past year. I should thank linda for "convincing" me to keep her.

She just got up and ran away with my bottle cap. She loves those things.

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