Monday, February 17, 2003

Vet visit

we had a trip to the vets today. I LOVE the vets at the clinic.. however I HATE their facilities. They are small, cramped, and there is no where to sit down while you wait for the vet nor to hang your coat.. transporting five kitties and two people was a bit of a trip. we were going to all go in one car, but Emerald doesn't travel well. She HOWLS like your chopping off her foot with a nail file. I figured she's stress the other kitties out more, and thus stress her out even more.. so we took two cars. We all had some blood drawn. I went with Em out back because she has a heart condition that gets worse when she's stressed, and she gets stressed when she's away from me (documented).   She did really well. I asked about her blood glucose. They did a test for that and they said her sugars were good, which was a relief. Everyone else went in by themselves. I was worried about ollie, as he tends to be a bad mr nasty pants.. but the vet said he did really well. The kittens ended up squirming more, and thus took a little longer. They couldn't get to Muffin's jugular, so they took it from her leg. Eli jerked right after they put the needle in and thus he bled all over himself. They had to draw blood from Jack's leg as well. The vet said they all look healthy which is good. all in all a very successful trip.

I don't talk about Em very much. She came to us from a sister of a friend of my sister in law. she was ever so little when we got her.. she was a good kitty. She is now 12 years old. (can you say WOW). She does have a bit of a heart murmur. She was on a heart medication and some aspirin for a while, but being pilled twice a day was ruining her quality of life, and it was only going to increase her lifespan by a few years, so I figured Id rather have 5 years of quality life, instead of 10 years of never seeing her and having to drag her out from under the bed to pill her. not to mention the fact that the stress makes her heart murmur worse, so I figured removing the stress of the pilling was going to add a few years its self. A few years ago she started acting a little off. Peeing outside the box, limping a little. just generally looking very pathetic. We took her to the vets and found out she had diabetes. I was devastated. However being a diabetic cat is not really a bad thing. Twice a day she gets an injection of insulin when she eats. However, because of her personality quirks (hiding when people come over, not liking other animals, and stress making her unhealthy) it pretty much means I am stuck at home unable to travel while I have her. To me, this is not a bad thing. Im not the traveling type of person. However the strange thing about Em is now that we have more kittens (or maybe its just cause she's getting older) she's no longer hiding to save her life when someone comes into the house. in fact, she's coming right out to see them. Our friends came over with their new baby, and that kinda threw her for a loop. Not to mention the others.. was ever so sweet. pictures at

the picture of eli with the baby comes with the cutest story. the baby had just peed and leaked all over his mom's favorite pj's for him. she was cooing at him that he was a bad boy while she was changing him. Eli sauntered up, sat down next to him and reached out his paw to tap his head.. as if to tell him he was a bad boy. It was so sweet and cute that we were laughing like fools.

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