Thursday, February 6, 2003

Kodi is sick.

*takes deep breath*

I took Kodi to the vet today. He's in pretty rough shape. One of his eyes is discolored and he's still running a fever. The vet gave me some more doxi for him and some eye ointment. She also took a ton of blood from him to run tests.

I went out shopping and just got home a few minutes ago. There was a message on my machine. I called, and found out that he tested positive for Lukemia. She still wants to run the tests for feline infectious peritonitis.. which if he has that is BAD

oh man.. what have I done?

We are going to have to test all my kitties for lukemia, but we are going to wait till the other tests come back to see where we stand on all the other issues. If its just lukemia, and we can get this URI under control, he could live a long normal life.. or it could wreak some major havoc with him..

We just don't know.

sigh.. One cold night, and one suggestion from a staff member at the shelter, and now this..

*prays* Please don't let anyone else be infected..

(update 2015 - I now know there were no 'tests' for FIP, I do have to say this whole thing was a complete and utter mess from start to finish and sadly it disrespects Kodi's life so I am not going to get into it any more than I have.  Kodi, I still miss you)

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