Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Update on Kodi

well kodi was a bit wobbly yesterday.. (not walking right implies neurological damage and a sign that they are suffering)
today he was active, and lively, and begging at the door.
his left eye (the good one) is starting to look bloodshot, which isn't a good sign, but who knows.
If I can get him well, he will have a chance. abet a slim chance.. but if there is one shot in a thousand that he can live a longer life, Im going to do everything I can... even if that means spoon feeding him meat baby food. He's eating kitten kibble.. which is good.. gives him the nutrients he needs... granted its not a lot, but since all he's doing all day is sleeping, Im sure he doesn't need a great deal. Bowel movements are pretty regular, so Im still thinking he's on the good side of this.. 60% maybe.. na.. maybe closer to 70%..

I went out shopping most of the afternoon. when I got home Eli and Muffin were very happy to see me. I love how they miss me. BTW.. have I ever mentioned that when ever I come home, Jack is sitting in the kitchen waiting for me? I LOVE that. Other thing that really gets me is Eli is starting to come when I call him. Which is pretty surprising cause I'm usually calling him to give him a pill.. which surprisingly he's swallowing with out any coercion from me

I bought a hanging from the door jam toy. It was a big hit (walmart $1.99) It too is a big hit. However muffin got herself caught up in it, around her neck, then around her leg twice. I heard ollie getting pissy, I figured it was because he wanted the toy. I looked and muff seemed to be walking away with it. something didn't seem right though, so I investigated, and found her all wrapped up. She wasn't upset at all, just a little confused why the mouse was following her. Muffin also decided that my spaghetti sauce was something she needed to have. Now she has a totally white muzzle.. ok.. before she did.. now she's got a little tomato sauce stain on her nose..

Man she is freaking adorable..

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