Friday, February 7, 2003

Kodi is in isolation

Went in to give Kodi his antibiotics today, and his eye is quite red. he's also quite hungry but not interested in eating. Every time I look at him I start crying again. The poor thing. All he wants right now is for someone to pat his tummy and croon at him. and all I can do is cry at him.

I don't know exactly what is going to happen from here on out, I wrote to the shelter about what happened, and they haven't written or called me about it. Personally I think they should pay for the testing for my kitties since they gave me the green light to adopt kodi.. Im sure the testing will start next week after we get the results back, cause if kod is positive for other diseases, we'll have to test for those as well. arrgh.. packing up five cats.. not going to be fun in the least.


I do NOT like saying that.

If we get him healthy, is there anyone out there who doesn't have a cat now who is willing to take on the responsibility of a leukemia positive kitty who is unbelievably sweet and who LOVES to have his belly rubbed, so much so I have called him a belly slut.


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