Monday, February 3, 2003

Still sick

I asked the yahoo group what they recommend for an unrelenting case of URI. I didn't get much new. A new antibiotic recommendation (which is quite expensive) and a reminder that URI is a virus and there isn't much you can do.. (the antibiotics are to make sure secondary infections don't occur) Someone recommended (that their vet recommended to them) Cloratabs from Wal*mart.. I got some, split them up, fed them to kodi and dweezle and now kodi isn't weezing.. *yea!*

Dweezle (or is it moe) was playing with the new stick to the window toy, and he kept grabbing the fur part and trying to run off with it. It would always snap back and slam against the window.. until the last time when he actually got the fur off the toy. I'm not too pleased that it came off. He was none too happy that I took his prize away from him either.. lol.

They all enjoyed a good couple of hours out in the sun room today. I have a three season room, and when its above freezing and the sun is out, it gets quite warm in there.. was in the 70's today. I went and got kodi from the bedroom and put him out there.. he immediately turned around and ran in the house... although less than a minute later he was back out there enjoying the sun. I'm not doin nuffin unless its my idea!! lol. Kod also had a plugged nose this morning. I unplugged it and nice gobs of green goo came out.. *sigh* I so hope this new medication helps that..

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