Sunday, February 16, 2003

Kodi is hanging in there

well things are pretty much status quo over here.. Kodi is getting more vocal when he gets lonely. It's getting harder and harder to visit him as I am doing laundry all the freakin time.. so now I'm trying to change into the clothes I wore in last time to see him (cause he is contagious (update 20015- no, he wasn't but I was told he was), and I wouldn't want to bring the germs out to the others) so now I feel I have to change to go in and see him.. Its just hard. Which of course means I spend more time in there when I go in to visit.. which sometimes is a good thing, some times he just wants me to get off of his couch so he can sleep. Last night we took a nap together.. it was SOOO sweet. I'm thinking I need to talk to the shelter about finding him a new home. *sigh* I am so going to miss him.

Everyone else is doing really well. Eli is starting to act like ollie a little too much *rolls eyes* The fun story of the day today is the bath. My hubby decided to take a bath (he's sick and didn't want to stand up for a shower) They were absolutely enthralled.. Kept standing up and putting their paws on the side of the tub to see what he was doing. at one point he had three kitties standing there looking at him. The first kitty I owned, Tig,  used to like to get up on the tub and stand on my knees when I took a bath. He didn't like water much, but I guess he figured if I was there, he was going to be too. Which is a little odd as he wasn't what you would call a people kitty. I miss him. He used to sleep in the small of my back (under the covers) and if you were quick enough to hold him and rub his chin, he'd sit there for hours.. he also loved to chase sticks.. small victories were turning into bigger ones when he disappeared. We had to let him be an outdoor kitty, as he spent most of his life outside before we found him at the shelter. One day he didn't come home. He was still quite healthy, and quite young. He just picked the wrong fight apparently.

An indoor kitty is a happy kitty. they do NOT need to go outside.. trust me on this one. (well unless of course they have spent most of their life outside.. then they climb your curtains and howl at you till you let them out)

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