Sunday, February 23, 2003

Life goes on

its been pretty subdued here. there have been the chases and the fights, but it all seems to be slightly more mellow. Maybe I'm just reading it that way..

There were a few highlights..

Muffin was cuddling with me, and washing her foot when there was a noise in the house. She immediately stopped to pay more attention to the noise. This left her little pink tongue hanging out .. quite far.. she looked like gene simons from kiss. Muffin has also learned to play fetch. yup. she runs after it, and then brings it back. there are usually a few pit stops along the way, but in the end the little pom pom ball I found in a craft section finds its way back to me. It was soooo cute.. till Eli got in the way and took the ball and ran off with it.. No idea where it went last night, but poof.. its back today. Also, I was sitting cross legged on the recliner (which is leather) cuddling eli.. Eli ran away, and I dropped one of my legs back toward the floor. It swiped the leather making a weird noise. Muffin who was sitting by the base of the chair heard the noise and it freaked her out so much she sprang upright, and jumped back. I didn't even see her move.. it was like some force picked her up and moved her about three feet away.

Eli was playing with the doorway toy the other day. its a fur mouse hanging by an elastic type rope attached to the door frame. he'd grab it, and bring it to the floor. it would bounce out of his grasp, and he would jump up after it. for a while he looked and acted like a mexican jumping bean.

Jack has been acting jealous of Muffin. She is so in his face.. no matter what he's doing, she's there as if to say "anything you can do I can do better".. so if he's looking for some attention she's right there purring and looking cute. He usually just walks away.. giving up. I've had to make a point of spending time with him. I hope its just jealousy and not a prelude to depression and lethargy which are two warning signs of FIP and FIV.

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