Friday, February 21, 2003

An emotional day

muffin decided I needed to wake up this morning before the sun came up and pay attention to her. She became my hat, my scarf, my back masseuse.. she was quite insistent. It was sweet.

Kodi is taking that long trip to the vet today. He's been isolated for a couple of weeks now, and no one seems to be missing him. I don't think his loss will really be felt in the kitty population.. however I have a feeling that my emotions are reaching the cats. First muffin, now Emerald is sitting on my lap. She doesn't like to do that when I don't have a quilt over my lap.. (great big kitty, tiny little feet - and she needs her claws clipped)

I'm doing my best not to break down and sob all day, but its very hard. I need to go in there and feed kodi. Part of my brain has been trying to tell me that he needs a collar too, which seems like a bit of a waste since... well.. but I think I'm going to anyway. He had Em's old collar on for a while, and it looked so good on him. its got a safety latch on it, which em can easily undo when she scratches her neck... *reaches for tissue*

sigh.. this is going to be one very very difficult day

I was talking with Nancy at the shelter. She's the office manager. She was saying how its a difficult decision to come to - to put your pet to sleep. Actually, it was a pretty easy decision to come to. He's been beaten by this. It's destroying his quality of life, and in the end will make him very very miserable. I do not want that. But I will miss him terribly. I will miss the cat he would have become.

If you have an unaltered animal living with you right now, I hate you. Because someone didn't pony up and take the responsibility for their pet, this has happened. And sadly, I'm not alone in this pain. Every day multitudes of kittens are put to sleep because they got such a bad start to life.

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