Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Is there a kitten tooth faerie?

Why hasn't the kitten tooth faerie visited me??
I have had four kittens recently loose all their teeth and get their adult teeth in and not once has she come ..

then again, I haven't ever actually found a tooth either.. I could probably reach into muffin's mouth and pull out that loose one, if I weren't so afraid she'd bite my finger off in the process.. *grin*

Maybe the kitten tooth faerie doesn't come if you don't have kitten teeth? Or maybe she comes and leaves the kittens treats and they eat them all up before I wake up?

*sigh* I so don't want muffin to grow up.. she's so darn cute this size, and fits in my lap here, while Im surfing just perfectly.. She'd probably fall asleep If I didn't keep waking her up with all my snuggling.. I got her a neon pink collar from the shelter yesterday.. the hubby likes it, but I think its a little too bright.. not a nice princess pink to match her nose.. oh well maybe when she gets older and her neck isn't going to get any bigger I'll find a nice pretty pink frufru collar for her..

You know.. some days I truely am the "crazy cat lady"

not that that is a bad thing..

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