Thursday, February 13, 2003

How do they do that??

I colored my hair today. I do that on occasion for something to do and cause I love the way my hair feels afterwards (VERY conditioned and silky) I always dye it the exact same color it is.. maybe a shade brighter, but being red, it often fades to the exact same shade (aka when it grows out you can not tell)

anyway. I knew with muffin and eli that I wouldn't be able to do it in peace unless I shut the door. So I did. Put all the color in my hair, put my hair in a shower cap, cleaned up the mess, searched for any spills, found one, cleaned it up, and went out into the living room to await my time.

When it was almost up, I went back into the bathroom, and opened up the shower curtain and found four kitty paw prints in red hair dye. I panicked.. not only cause hair dye on kitties isn't a good idea, but also cause I KNEW there would be little red kitty prints on the bed, on the carpet and on the sofa... So I ran out to find Eli. I KNEW it was Eli cause he loves playing in the bathtub. (yup.. he's a silly kitty) Found him right away, and the underside of his front paw was all red. Not a good look.. started to get dark enough to look bloody. I took him into the bathroom and washed it till I felt he was safe. Used a TON of kitty shampoo... then I noticed his back foot was dirty too. *rolls eyes*. Eli wasn't very happy with getting his feet washed. they were still a little red when I was done. I couldn't help but think of the brady bunch.. lol

and just cause I know your curious. I think my hair came out nicely..
this time I used a shade called "Feisty Pumpkin"

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