Monday, August 4, 2003

Oh the fun of owning a diabetic cat

We increased emerald's insulin to 5.5 units tonight. I looked at her and thought she looked a little scraggly.. so for the fun of it I did a reading.. it was down to 40!! Didn't I panic? I offered her some regular cat food, and she ate a bit of it. So I decided she needed a little extra help, and put some honey on her gums. an hour later it was up to 52.. I gave her a little more honey.. she's acting fine, she just looks a little scraggly.. well and she doesn't much like the honey so back down to 5 units we go.. maybe we'll increase the amount of the DM she's getting. We are trying to go slowly with it to make sure it doesn't upset her digestive system..

kinda glad I got her a full vial of test strips now..

when searching to make sure that honey was ok to use, I came across Don't read the diary unless you have a big box of tissues with you.

Got some flea meds for the kitties.. so they should be flea free by tomorrow.. yea!

Also made an appointment with the vet for the muppets on Thursday. They'll come home with me afterwards and I'll bring them back to the shelter on Saturday for adoption. Wasabi is gaining a little weight despite not appearing to eat much.. Man, these kitties need to find their owners..

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