Saturday, August 23, 2003

and more fleas

I looked down at a kitten tonight and saw a black speck. I picked it off and it was a flea.. *shudder* I hate fleas. I saw one other, so I'm going to jaunt down to the shelter tomorrow and get some meds for them. I found one on my kitten clothes when I left the kitten room, so I should probably get something to treat the house as well.. man I hate fleas.

I put ribbon collars around the boys necks. Very loose.. I hope they don't come off. I've got blue, red, and burgundy.. the girls are easy to tell apart.. the big one and the little one, so I didn't scrounge for more ribbons. Ennui is so cute. She no longer wants KMR though.. so I've taken to feeding her the juice that is in the cat food... she very much likes that. They are quite cute.. like using me for a jungle gym. :)

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