Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Kits, cats, and kmr

day two down.. the clavamox is going way too well at this point.. I still have all my fingers. Mom is pretty easy to pill. she put up a bit of a fight today, but I won :) The little runt.. Ennui, likes her KMR. I fed her about 6cc's.. then gave a bit of clavamox.. she wasn't thrilled about taking more KMR after, but eventually she found out that it wasn't clavamox, and had another 6cc's. Two of the other kit are totally into eating cat food.. which is so strange as they barely have teeth. One is REALLY into it.. almost pushing mom out of the way. thinking about naming him Cerdo I can't help but wonder if she's producing milk.. but they do seem to be getting bigger, so I'm not going to worry about it.. One of them crawled up into my lap for a little attention :) it was nice. I'm so going to have to get in there with some nail polish and paint their claws so I can tell them apart.

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