Tuesday, August 12, 2003

The foster room is empty

the only kittens in the house are now mine.. it is nice not to have to go try to feed them when I'm half asleep this morning.. but I do miss the small little mewing.

Wasabi didn't take to kindly to being neutered. He had some pretty explicit things to say right after the surgery.. you could hear his howling all the way to the front of the clinic. He got over it fairly quickly.. the girls did okay.. I went to pat them, and Nanoo actually started purring and arched her back when I scratched the base of her tail. :) Everyone but Wasabi has put on weight nicely and look like normal sleek beautiful kittens. Poor wasabi is taking a bit longer.. he's getting there.. I'm sure a loving home is just what he needs - lots of kitty treats :)

This will be the first set that I haven't been around for their adoptions. Only a handful of my kittens weren't adopted the first or second day, and thus were missed.. but in my experience, while people say they were glad to meet me and were willing to stay in touch.. only one person has sent me any info on the kittens they adopted.. well ok three if you count the two people I knew before they adopted my kittens. it really is surprising the number of people who claim to love cats, but who don't take into consideration their personalities nor who really understand kitty behaviour. *shrug* I can't change the world.

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