Friday, August 15, 2003

bunny bites

I stayed home from work today.. the stress of being sick last week and now with Tobin being sick was just too much for me. It was a slow day at work, and I felt I deserved a day.. didn't stop me from feeling guilty, though. Anyway.. I kept a close eye on tobin.. he likes the slurry I have made up for him with pineapple, laxatone, water, and pellets, but not much else. After I feed him I clean him up - which he does not like, I put him back in his pen. He runs around for a bit, then lays down... and is usually in the exact same spot when I go back down a while later. This morning Eli was in the pen with him.. silly kitty. He's still breathing hard.. doesn't seem to be pooping as much.. his rear end was full of urine this afternoon.. not a good sign. so now I'm all covered in slurry and urine.. oh the joys of sick pets will never end.

Had to give Tobin his pill tonight.. he wasn't too thrilled to have me stick it in his mouth.. he fought it which is good.. was energy he didn't have last night.. although it will make it a bit more difficult to make sure he gets it if he won't let me do it in the morning..

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