Friday, August 8, 2003

Oh the fun with glucose strips

Well.. back down to 6 units we went.. and her b/g was quite high.. so we recreated the night by picking up the food early, and her b/g was still high.. so we went to 6.5 units, and her b/g was still high.. so I'm thinking that 40 reading was wrong. Going to go up to 7 units on Sunday and see what that does over the course of the day.

The Muppets are going back tomorrow. The trip to the vets was "fun" Poor Miss Piggy was terrified the whole day.. hissed at one of the techs, kept hiding under the towel. They didn't do very well on the trip down.. there were at least three vomits... at least the ride home went better, but then again I think it was because they didn't eat. We got home and they were all still a little sleepy from the sedation, so we hung out in there and let sleeping kitties lay where they would.. and most of the time it was on me :) Peanut curled up near my head... man I am going to miss that kitty. The vet said that the deformity wasn't any major deal... so there is no chance they will let me keep him. *sigh* Honestly though.. I suppose not having another in your face kitty would be a good thing.. cause having to fight off two kitties when I'm eating breakfast is one thing.. with three I might lose the battle..

I'm going to bring the orphans in on Monday to be neutered. I think I'm insane to do it.. will totally empty my house of kittens.. but I've been sick this past week, and I really could do with some time to catch up on my sleep.. not have to worry about feeding cuddling and cleaning up after kitties. It's fun.. don't get me wrong.... but it does take time out of your day.

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