Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Kittens are so good at scaring you

I went in to take care of the kittens, I sat down in front of the cage and gathered up all my supplies. I make sure I have everything I need before I open up the cage so I don't have to leave the room while they are free. It took me a few minutes, and the kittens were scrambling to be let out. I opened up the cage door, and everyone tumbled out except the little boy with the blue collar. He just laid there, not moving. he was way in the back of the cage.. not easy to reach, so I poked him with the litter scoop. still didn't move, but I did see him breathe. I freaked out and called in the hubby.. and blue proceeded to start twitching.. I bravely reached in and picked him up, and he woke right up and started scrambling to be put down.. guess he was just having a really good dream.

I got some advantage for them, so fleas shall be history! boy, I hate fleas.

these guys are starting to be really cute. Even though they still all act the same, they all now want to sit in my lap. :) it's fun..

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