Thursday, August 14, 2003

Visiting the kittens at the shelter

Went to the shelter today at lunch time.. I needed to cuddle a kitten. All seven were still there. I pulled Nanoo out of the cage, she got all hissy with me. I held her for half an hour and about half way through she started purring. actually purring without the help of medication!! it was great. I got back to work and a little while later K called to let me know that Triddle and Friddle were adopted together. About an hour later she called to tell me that Nanoo and Mikitu were going home together. :) she said that the new owners spent about an hour with them, and were really happy with them. YEA! I'm kinda surprised Allie is still there, she was the 'pretty' one.. along with Sushi.. who's also still there. tomorrow is a different day.

Tobin is still hanging in there. Got more baytril in him.. some pineapple juice.. and not much more. Although he did eat some clover and some yogurt chips on his own.

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