Wednesday, August 27, 2003

blah blah blah

the kittens are not going all that smoothly. I know I'm over reacting. I should have weighed them when they got here, but I haven't. Their teeth are coming in, they are playing, walking a tad more steadily.. their pupils aren't quite so big they don't seem quite so dehydrated anymore.. I still see black things walking across them, though. *grrr* however, there is still no flea dirt. Lots of sneezing going on.. mom is getting sick and tired of being pilled. I'm thinking of calling her Butterscotch... and I'm thinking of naming the second girl Anika..

but they are still slightly dehydrated, there are the fleas, the boy with the blue collar is still sleeping like the dead, mom doesn't seem to have any interest in the kits once the cage is open, the boy with the maroon collar has all kinds of scabs on his head (btw.. how does ringworm present itself.. do you know?) mom doesn't like to be pilled.. Ennui doesn't want to eat, and while I got her to go pee, I couldn't get her to go poop.. she got too squirmy

oh hey.. you'll like this one.. blue went into the litter box and started pooping.. but he couldn't figure out how to stop pooping.. so he's walking around with this large poop sticking out of his butt. He tries again.. ends up with a little more out of him.. enough to touch the litter so that now he has litter on it. he walks around the litter box again.. I gave up and pulled it off of him. lol

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