Thursday, August 14, 2003

more about the bunny

well.. he was running around his cage.. showing agression.. but running.. so that was something. I force fed him again.. nothing went well. I put his pill in his mouth and forced a little more food in, so hopefully, he got it.. who knows..

towards the end, he started getting feisty.. wanting to run away.. so I put him back in the cage, and he ran right into the wall.. then dove in his house.. and it sounded like he hit the wall. He then did another run around the cage and went back into the house.. I'm hoping this is a good sign..

I think if he eats some more clover or yogurt chips I'll keep trying.. but if not, I think we'll call this the end. He's never ever been a social bunny, so all this attention is probably driving him insane. If I thought he was enjoying anything right now, I'd fight for him.. but I think all this is just making him miserable... then there is the thought that if I do get him through this, we'd just be waiting for the other shoe to drop.. He's basically 120 yrs old in human years..

Reading back to the last kitty post, I was looking forward to not having to feed kitties, but now I have to feed my bunny.. how ironic. I'd be glad to do it if I knew I was doing him any good.

Btw.. I stopped in on Tuesday and saw the kittens.. they were being put up for adoption yesterday for the open house the shelter was having. Poor Nanoo was so scared.. she hissed at me when I picked her up. I couldn't go see them yesterday cause of the bunny.. My girlfriend emailed me and said they were still all available, so I'll go today at lunch..

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