Saturday, May 17, 2003


Everyone has finally lost their cords.. they were all off last night. I noticed that the boy tiger (Kermit) had eye crusties. I touched them, and it seemed to be sensitive. I asked a friend who just went through newborns if eye crusties were normal. She said she didn't have them, so this morning I washed his face. a major amount of puss came out of those tiny little eyes. Both of them. No one else seems to be having this problem... well except peanut who had a tiny bit in the back corner of his right eye. I washed that off, and the eye actually opened. He's got one eye open now :D. Kermit's eyes are slightly open, but are quite inflamed (can you blame them with all that puss inside) so I'm going to head down to the shelter with him to get some Terramycin. I'm going to bring peanut too to see if they think he's got some problems.. I weighed him this morning and he weighed 4.0 oz.. so that's good.. I've never wanted to be called paranoid so much in all my life.

the girl tiger (now Miss Piggy) was nursing last night.. after I gave her her name, and she started grunting while nursing.. it was so adorable. The second black kitten I'm going to call Gonzo. I'm going to wait on my little nutshell to see if he's ok before I even consider renaming him.

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