Thursday, May 8, 2003


one of the kitties is extra small (1.7 oz), I've nicknamed him Peanut. He has an amazing will to live.. can hold on to mom's teet like there is no tomorrow. I sat up and watched them for two hours last night, charlie hadn't nursed, So I mixed up some supplement and attempted to give it to them. Very hard since their noses and mouths are in a spot the size of your pinky fingernail. I eventually worked up a method where I dropped the supplement right above where they were latched on. Seemed to work. I got Peanut to eat something, and everyone else nursed for a while, so I went to bed.

This morning peanut was unresponsive, and I thought I had lost him. But he moved ever so slightly. He was quite pink, and I'm assuming he was overheating. I wiped him down with a damp cool cloth, and he started responding better. I got him to eat a bit more.. (man that kit knows how to latch on!!) and now I'm going to run them down to the vets.

wish Peanut luck!

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