Sunday, May 4, 2003

Eli is not doing well.

Well.. Eli has taken a turn for the worse.. both eyes are watering, and he is sneezing up greenish snot.. so back on antibiotics he goes. Muffin has started sneezing as well, and her eye was quite watery this morning. I thought I saw some green in the corner of her eye, but by the time I got to her it was gone. I tried taking Eli's temp a second time, it went about as easily as the first time.he's still not running a fever which is good. I don't have many antibiotics though.. going to have to get some soon. Might bring Eli in for a weight check as well. Just to be on the safe side.

Muffin has started doing one of my favorite kitty maneuvers.. she uses her paw to help food into her mouth. Man it's adorable, and even more so on her. Emerald does it as well.

Still no kittens. Got home from the movies last night and I could have sworn I heard kitten howls, but alas, no. Just Charlie being uber affectionate.

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