Sunday, May 25, 2003

Trying to put weight on Peanut.

5.7 for peanut tonight. I decided to give him kmr with a syringe instead of the bottle - which never worked except the first day, and it went well, except the fact that I didn't warm it up enough. well actually I did, but the glass it was in didn't warm up, so it cooled down the formula by the time I got downstairs, so I had to warm it up by sticking the syringe in the back of my knee. Got him to eat a couple of cc's. He didn't seem to happy about it. I hope I'm doing the right thing... there is always the risk of him getting the kmr into his lungs when you force feed... that is the last thing he needs. he's got such a large breastbone.. he looks so strange from underneath. I really need to work on getting a decent picture of it so you can all see what I mean.

a number of the elder kittens have "retractable brains". one in particular. I picked him up and he seemed to just totally lose interest in anything outside of his body. I put him on his back, and put both his arms up in the air.. then I played peek a boo with him. I love that kind of kitty. :) The torties are all girls. the orange and the black are all boys. so I have five and five. Nice mix.

I've got a new referrer This blog is getting more and more popular. How cool is that? - although I'm going to feel the need to spell check more often.. *sheepish grin*
(update 2016 - I'm spell checking now, and sadly that referrer is defunct)

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