Thursday, May 1, 2003

the sounds of a sneezing kitty

I woke up this morning to the sound of a kitty sneezing. There has been more and more of that, but I could never pin down exactly who was doing it. By mid-morning I figured out it was Eli. He still looks fine, eyes are fine, nose is good.. but the sneezing has definitely picked up. He's also been lethargic lately.. or should I say every time I see him he's sleeping or just woken up. Which might be just bad timing on my part. But then this evening he seemed a bit on the warm side. Not having a thermometer for myself let alone one for the kitties, I ran out to the store to get one.. got some petroleum jelly too (cause it helps it go in better) and came back and took his temp. My hubby has little to no clue on how to subdue a cat, and he certainly wasn't about to actually take the temp (you mean that goes in THERE!!).. so after two aborted attempts, I finally got the temp, and it was 101.4 (101.5 is normal for cats) So he's not running a fever which is good.

Took Jack on a car ride last night. We went down to MA. to Baskin Robbins to get a free ice cream. Yes.. it cost us more to get there than it would have to go somewhere local and actually pay for an ice cream, but road trips are fun, so off we went. He immediately started sucking up to the hubby. I got a little jealous, but I could deal. he was curled up in the front seat, it was very sweet. We stopped at Subway for dinner, and when he got out to get the sandwiches, the truck dinged quite a bit - cause he left the keys in the ignition. Well, that freaked Jack out, and it took a bit to calm him down. As soon he was calm, and we were on our way. After a few minutes, he went out back and crawled into the carrier we brought. he was quite happy in there. We got down to the shop, got our ice cream and came home. After the ice cream was gone I brought the carrier up to the front seat. he was so cute in it. I bought a basket carrier from it's the cutest thing anyway.. after some patting and some cooing, Jack decided to get out of the carrier and explore the cab. He sat on the back seat for a while, then stood on the back of the front seat and started crying. We thought he might have to go to the bathroom. I had totally forgotten to bring something for that, so I picked him up and put him back in the carrier for a while. He then got back out, did a bit more exploring, then ended up sitting on the hubby's shoulders... and didn't I get horribly jealous then!! I kept telling him he wasn't going to be my favorite kitty anymore, but he didn't buy it. we got home and he was totally fine. went pee after greeting everyone who didn't get to go :)

this morning I was till "mad" at Jack.. I told Muffin she was my new favorite kitty.. she then proceeded to get into as much trouble as she possibly could. Pushed things off the headboard, off the bureau, jumped on Eli, and was just a general PITA. Guess I'm not going to tell her that again.. LOL

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