Friday, May 9, 2003


Girl was 3.4 is now 3.3
boy tiger 3.3 is now 3.6
black 1 was 3 is now 3.3
black 2 was 2.7 is now 3
peanut 1.9 is now 1.85

This morning peanut was 1.7.. I supplemented him with some KMR.. he immediately went to sleep. Tonight he still seemed a little small so I gave him some more kmr. His tushie was a little dirty... so I cleaned him off. he went pee. but not all that much. neither did anyone else, so mom must be taking care of that, which is good.

I just sent my husband down into the kitten room cause I forgot the bottle in the room. Charlie actually left the cage to see him. She's hasn't done that for me since she gave birth. and now we have kittens wandering around the cage all lost.. there is one that always seems to go off in the wrong direction.. I'm thinking of calling that one Magellan.

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