Thursday, May 22, 2003

Happy Dance

5.4.. *does a little happy dance* He still looks like skin and bones, and that breathing thing is still there.. I'll get some decent pictures over the weekend.. see if we can't capture his beauty. :)

MP is now.. ready for this? 10.2 yes.. 10.2 and only two weeks old. - yup two weeks today

Fozzie and I have some news to report.. bows should be sent instead of balls.. yes.. he is a she. She has two very dark spots between her anus and her vulva. they looked very much like testicles. and her vulva seemed round instead of slit like.. but tonight it was a definite slit.. and all the boys' testes have dropped so they are quite visible, but Fozzie didn't.. again leading me to believe she is a girl. Could be wrong, but I doubt it. You know those kittens.. they are sneaky when it comes to gender.. :)

I also did an ear check of my own kitties today. Eli had some debris in his ears.. *sigh* will we ever get rid of that?? I put him back on the meds I took him off of when he got URI.. Jack and Ollie have very "slimy" ears. Doc said that was natural for them when I asked about Ollie a few years ago. I cleaned them out just to check if they might not have gotten something from Eli, but it was all just 'slime'. I know that's not the correct term for it.. but its such a good descriptive word for what it is, and I don't recall the actual term. It's not wax.. way too watery.

well anyway. Off to spend some quality time with my Emmykins

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