Thursday, May 29, 2003

Peanut is holding weight and Jack has worms

peanut was still 6.4 yesterday. I haven't weighed him today. We have an issue with Charlie and the kittens. I went into their room yesterday and there were two stains on the piece of fabric I keep in the cage. One was beige, and looked a bit like throw up remnants, but the food I served was darker. the other was water and blood. Not a lot, but enough to be concerned. They are going into the clinic tomorrow. I'm sure it came from Charlie. She is acting totally fine. but the shelter wants me to bring her in, so in she goes.

The elder ones are a handful and a half. the litter box was a total waste land today. and absolute mess. But I will admit, having five kittens climbing up on you wanting attention and purring and being cute and having one climb up your back, and a few attacking your toes is an experience. One I can't recommend highly enough. I'd invite you all over, but ... well you know

Em is currently sitting on the arm of the chair wanting my attention, she's being adorably cute!! Now Ollie is sniffing my fingers. Gee.. I wonder if they are hungry..

Jack has tape worms. Would explain a lot. he's got some horrid smelling poops. Last night he had a cling-on, and when I was cleaning him off, I found one. So I got some pills from the clinic. He took them like an absolute trooper! He's amazing when it comes to being pilled... almost like me. I amaze my hubby cause I can take a handful of large pills at one time and often in one gulp. :)

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