Monday, May 26, 2003

Peanut is gaining.

SIX POINT FOUR!! yea!! KMR is a wonderful thing.
His breathing doesn't seem to be as bad as it has been. its still obvious, but slightly better, unless I'm imagining things.. which is fully possible.. its been a long day.

We are in the process of moving the kitten rooms around now. The elder ones are going to have the bigger room, so they have more room to run around. Only problem is that they were using the bottom of the ferret cage as a litter box.. they absolutely destroyed the last one with use. I covered the bottom with a trash bag then put the litter in, and they tore up the bag digging around, so that wont work again. question is do I want to just put the litter on the badly worn out and rusted tin, or do I want to cover that up with soft cushy towels and a quilt so they could sleep down there and put a litter box on the top level... decisions decisions.. I'm afraid if I put the litter on top they'll start sleeping in it... and getting covered in poop. I just took some pictures.. will have to process them and see what we've got.. Hopefully there is a good one of peanut's chest.. if not I'll have to wait till there is some daylight out. You would think since I knew that the flash distorts things a bit, I would have gotten around to taking some pictures when the sun was up.. oh well. I'll post any good ones in a bit.

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