Saturday, May 17, 2003

A trip to the shelter

Just got back from the shelter.. Kermit's eyes had crusted over again, and the girl at the shelter "yelled" at me.. thinking I let it get that bad.. well, I only noticed it last night.. and I already cleaned them pretty well that morning. His eyes were just that bad. sometimes it happens. I now have ointment for it. the shelter wasn't completely thrilled with the way peanut was breathing, but where he's so small there isn't anything they can do for him. Hopefully, it's nothing.

The kits were starving when I got home, so I heated up some KMR to feed Peanut with.. he ate heartily for a moment then decided he didn't want any more. I took them downstairs, and mom climbed in the little carrier I brought them to the shelter in. I have a pic of her in it, I'll have to post it later. She laid down and started nursing. I am quite sleepy, so I laid down next to her, and closed my eyes... she shimmied up so she could rub her head on my hands.. it was really cute.

peanut is now 4.0 oz

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