Thursday, May 8, 2003

We have kittens

Both Muffin and Eli are responding nicely to medication. Not that they like getting it at all, but at least the sneezing has been reduced considerably. Eli's weight was the same.

I couldn't sleep tonight.. so I got up and exercised, then caught up on my email. I went to check on the webcam to the kitties, and saw it was down. Went downstairs to fix it (cause the laptop is ME and it crashes daily) and saw there were kittens. Six in total, five are alive. Two black, three tiger. I think Charlie crushed the other one. She has not been a good mother at all. One is horribly small, so I kept putting it up to her belly so it could nurse, but she kept rolling away and rolling over on to her kitties. I have left the room to see if she'll pay attention to them when there is no one there to pay attention to her, but that's not looking like it is going to happen. *sigh* They are all double pawed too. So cute to see the paws all deformed like that when they are so small.

Oh great.. the web cam just shut off. guess charlie went exploring on the desk top..

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