Friday, May 9, 2003

Charlie has learned to be a mom.

Charlie is a way better mom than I thought possible. I went in just now and opened up the cage, and she came out for some attention, but on the way she disturbed one of the kittens and it started crying, so she went back in and sat down. Of course, she sat on Peanut, but I give her credit for not leaving screaming kits.

I weighed them last night. The girl is 3.4 oz, the boy tiger is 3.3. The two black ones are 3 and 2.7 oz, and peanut is 1.9 but he's doing well, has a full tummy. It looks like they are going pop. Will have to check on that today sometime and make sure that mom is stimulating them to go pee. Wouldn't want their bladders to burst.

seems like I can breathe now..

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