Friday, July 1, 2011

Speaking of inbreeding (and updates)

I went to the shelter last night to drop off the write ups (see previous three posts) for my three little dumplings and I managed to get a peek at them.  They were just neutered and were still under the effect of the sedation.
When I was done with the video I reached in to pat Lily, and all three started purring even though they were drugged up big time. 

Then I started looking around and saw Weebay and Connie.  Which made me giggle.  Apparently they are being fostered by someone who is going away this weekend because they had a big note on them saying she would be back
I ogled the other kittens and then saw a medical caution on one cage.  It said mom was fine and friendly but there were issues with the kittens.  I did not get photos because it was kind of sad.  Mom is a pretty but standard tuxie and she had four little cute barely week old kittens.  They had a sweet frosted appearance.  Unfortunately one was in a leg splint and another had issues with it's skull not being fused properly.  I went and talked to the staff about them.  Apparently mom came from a home were the cats were left in tact and breeding was rampant and with out any consideration as to who mated with whom.    The little kitten with a bad leg actually has a deformed leg.  They had a sibling who had four bad legs that made it a few days before dying.

As much as I wanted to go with some older kittens for a while and stay away from those troubled kittens who bring me nothing but hair pulling strife, and as much as I wanted to try fostering at a different shelter, I can't turn my back on them.

I have no idea if the two with issues will make it long enough to make it into foster care.  I don't know if they will or won't make it (leg kitten probably will) or if the vet will feel it is better to put it down (apparently they had to put another foster kitten down for skull issues very recently)   But they know I'm willing.  Guess I better scrub the daylights out of the kitten room right quick.

one more update: I asked about Jordan.  She's being fostered by CPV and he is giving her special antiviral drops for her eyes and has her on a hypoallergenic diet.  I am very surprised he took her in and is fostering her himself, but I am glad she is getting the care and attention she needs.  I hope she continues to do well and finds a great home as she is a very loving cat.


  1. How wonderful that you are willing to help them. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  2. Love the sideways litter containter - made me smile.

    I am glad you are willing to take the tough cases....even if they end up being heart breakers, they knew some love and attention. Hope the home they came from gets some help with spay/neuter.

    Yeah for Jordan....

  3. That video of Bug, Nigel and Lily made my heart melt. I hope they have a great future!

    It is wonderful that you are willing to help the troubled family. We'll be here to write supportive comments, so don't despair!

    I'm glad Jordan is continuing to get some individual attention - she seems like such a great cat. I hope she finds her home, too!


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