Friday, September 23, 2011

a development

I walked into the bathroom last night and Rory had escaped the box  I put in there to contain them (and Mickey was really trying).  I wasn't happy about that and neither was Minerva.  After I realized he had escaped I realized the bathroom smelled pretty strongly of urine.  I thought it was Minerva's litter boxes even though I scoop them regularly.  Turned out the towel at the bottom of the box was covered in urine and unfortunately so were most of the kittens.  Minerva wasn't keeping up with the urine output.  So I changed out the bedding and put them all back in.  They wouldn't stop screaming so I made them all go pee, and they were all quite full.  More screaming and Amelia looked like she was nursing on her brother's genitals so I realized they were hungry so I went and got some kitten milk.  Yup, all quite hungry.  I guess Minerva is done nursing.  I'm hoping she isn't completely done and will nurse a little if they aren't starved.  I fed them, made them pee, cleaned them up the best I could and put them down for the night.

Also Donna seems to have something going on with her tongue.  It looked like a bruise last night but this morning it looked better but this afternoon it looked like there was a bit of a blister.  I am so hoping it is not calci.. please, do not let it be calci.    Other then Minerva sniffling a little and Donna's tongue they seem in very good health as they feel heavy for their size and are eating well and are quite active.

Around 2am I was awakened by kitten screaming.  One of the boys had made it out of the box again and was following Minerva around wanting to nurse.   Since I was up I spent some time with Minerva.  I gave her a once over, and her nipples look just fine but she does not carry nearly as much milk as she used to. 

This afternoon I fed them again, and they were all quite hungry again.

I worry that I am not home enough to get them enough food.  I'm going to have to keep a close eye on their weights and make sure they are gaining. 

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  1. It sounds like Minerva is done with kittens! They are a lot of work for the mom cat, and I bet she's tired of all the care and antics. I don't know the age of the kittens, or how many there are, but I'm guessing they are still really young. I took in a pregnant stray and you could just see by the look on her face when she'd had it up to here with kittens & needed some down time.


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