Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

I've been tired lately and haven't gotten my camera out.  Kinda sad too because I have a coupon for a free photo book that expires tonight.  Not sure I can get enough photos of The Crew together and edited by this evening.  Hopefully  *crosses fingers*

Lets see.... Lets start off with this:

I saw this on the Sunday Morning show this week.  I thought it was brilliant!  If only more photographers would offer their skills to get great photos of the animals out there.  I mean seriously, if you watch the segment you'll see what a dramatic difference the right photo of an animal can make.

The Hogwarts kits are doing well.  They have a bit of diarrhea that won't seem to clear up.  It happens some times.  I sent in a sample and didn't hear back. Not sure if that means there was nothing or they misplaced the results.  They are happy and active and eating and gaining weight, so I'm not really concerned about that.  What I am concerned about is one of the kitten's desire to poop on the floor if it is available.  I was always pretty sure it was Crookshanks.  Kittens with messed up tails can have issues with litter boxes.  Not saying his tail is causing problems, because when the litter boxes are where they are "supposed" to be he uses them.  See I have a large box covering the area the litter boxes are kept.  If I keep the litter boxes close to the walls and far back in the corner so they are 'neat' and he can't get into the corner, he uses them.  But I have to pull them out to scoop them and if I don't push them back all the way he'll poop in the corner.  Not sure if this is a kitten issue, a stubborn-ish issue, or tail issue.  But since he does use the box when everything is where it should be I'm not going to worry about it, but will make note of it in his adoption info (I do write ups for each kitten so the new families will know what the kitten is like - well if they read it)

Crookshanks is the smallest at 1lb 10 oz, so it looks like probably next week they will go back.  Won't be a minute too soon for Minerva too.. she's getting a little stir crazy in the bathroom.

For the past few days she has wanted to look into the hall when I come and go.  Before when she was in the basement she would growl at my cats if she ever saw them.  Now I think she is looking for these kitten's mother because she doesn't growl, is very interested, and wants to get out.  This morning she even did.  Jumped right over the gate in one fluid motion.  Fortunately she froze because my hands were full of mugs that I had brought kitten milk in with.  I was able to get them down and grab the gate and contain her enough to grab her (as she was just considering which way to go when I used the gate to block off one route and my hand got her as she was about to dash the other way).

While I have a LOT more trust in Minerva at this point, I most certainly do not trust her interacting with The Crew, and I don't trust her if she were to get out and about and get into a fight.  To show how much trust I have in her right now (warning TMI) I actually went into the bathroom and took a shower.  I swore a while back that I would NEVER go near her with bare legs again when she previously grabbed my ankle and bit at my foot (opened mouth, scrapped teeth across the top of my skin) I can hold her now, push her away from the door, give her kisses and offer my forehead for head bumps.

I am a little concerned about the kits at this point.  Minevra is getting skinnier and the kittens are starting to feel light and they are meowing a lot more often  It is such an odd little difference between a well fed solid kitten and one that is a few calories short.  They might not weigh any different, but they just FEEL less substantial.  I have confirmation of this odd little skill of mine because when I brought kitten milk in to supplement them, the ones that felt underfed ate the most.

Jack seems a bit better in the urinary department (doesn't seem uncomfortable in the body) but he is sick of being sick in the head.  I can see him wishing he wasn't sniffly.  He certainly is better then he has been, which is good.  He's eating, which is good, and he loves attention, which is good.  I'll be happy when this is gone.  Fleurp started sneezing the other night.. I'm hoping it is just because I told her that Jack got treats because he is sick.. *fingers crossed*
I know someone said treats...


  1. That was a great piece re: the photographer and wow, what a difference a professional can make. I hope more will be motivated to offer their services. A bit harder to get cats to pose, I would think, but well worth the effort.

    Healing purrs to all who need it your way. Sometimes I toy with the idea of fostering (never mind I'm not home enough and don't know know enough about health issues), but it's a lot of work and a lot of worry. I really commend you for doing this. Certainly never doubt the difference you are making!

  2. My human needs to do more of this work - for cats, of course! She is a pretty good photographer and knows how to work with us kitties.


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