Sunday, September 4, 2011


I talked to the shelter today about getting Minerva spayed ASAP, and they agreed to do it.  So hopefully in the upcoming week the kits will wean and we can get this taken care of.    I seriously hope that reducing her hormonal load will bring her a little peace and she won't be so quick to go after me.

She did again last night.  She went after me while I was cleaning - I was moving too fast for her, and when I realized she was about to I stopped and watched her.  When she picked her feet up off the floor I said "NO!" and she looked at me, so I said no again and I could see her thinking about what she wanted to do.  Hormones and instinct said go after, but training and experience said no and go hide under the couch.  One more no from me and she decided to go with training and experience and went under the couch.  I praised the living daylights out of her and gave her some treats.

Unfortunately later on in the evening my own crew were missing me and started singing for me.  This freaked Minerva out and and the instinct and hormones won out and she rubbed her teeth across the top of my foot.  Unfortunately I wasn't wearing socks so I was feeling quite stupid and vulnerable, fortunately she didn't actually bite me.  Be it that she wasn't really into it or she couldn't get her teeth around my foot I'm not sure... but if I had to pick it would be that she didn't really want to bite - but give warning she was upset.  at least I hope so.

after the first incident I thought it best to get the kittens on solid food as fast as possible, so I gave it another shot.  I was very surprised that I got the boys to eat but Hedwig wasn't interested. They didn't eat much, but it was a start. I had a fun time patting and playing with Crookshanks.  He really is quite a sweetie..

I also saw this while blog surfing.. I do really like it.

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